Multi Cam Video Production and Post Production Editing

Live Stream Audio Video Services

for Concerts, TV, Broadcast, Public & Private Events
Multicam Facebook/Youtube Live Video Streaming
Speaker Systems Serve up to 5,000 People – Multiple Zones

JBL VRX932LA & VRX918S Line Array Speakers

Shure ULXD Wireless Microphones & Beltpacks

Live Multitrack Recording up to 128 Tracks

Audinate Dante Certified

JBL VRX Line Array System
Reaper is Cheaper - DAW

SoCal In Studio Live Album Post Production


Available At Our Affiliate Studio 

 Adamos Recording – Westminster, CA

Mr. Clapton, I couldn't agree more.
God Bless You.

Mr. Bryson Gray, God Bless You.
This is the first rap song I love.